Google Chrome apps

Over on my main blog I just posted What’s a Chrome Web App? Long story short, it’s basically either a bookmark or a Chrome extension.

As part of my research I turned my aviation weather experiment into a Chrome Application. It took about 15 minutes, and most of that was resizing the icon. Here’s the mainfest.json file that makes it go:

{ "name": "AvWx",
  "description": "Experimental aviation weather page",
  "version": "1",
  "app": { "launch": {
      "web_url": "",
      "container": "panel",
      "width": 720,
      "height": 640
  } },
  "icons": { "128": "avwx-128.png" } }

The most interesting part of that is the “container: panel”. That tells Chrome to launch it without any navigation UI, so it looks like a standalone application. I could also be asking for extended privileges, like accessing geolocation or delivering notifications.