Tile hosting?

Let’s say I make some great SRTM altitude tiles, where can I host them that I don’t go broke? Map tiles are funny, they’re just static files so you don’t need a big server, just cheap bandwidth. I did a quick look around at some options:

  • Amazon S3 / CDN: $150/mo = 1TB, no server
  • Google AppEngine: $120/mo = 1TB. Limitations may make it impossible.
  • oneandone.net: $150/mo = 3TB with a server. SkyVector is here.
  • godaddy: $135/mo = 1.5TB with a server. Used by PDFPlates? NACOmatic was serving 20TB / month for awhile, not sure how that worked out
  • Voxel: $100/mo = 1TB. FlightAware is here.
  • one guy I know uses GoDaddy, hostgator, justhost, and linode to push about 2TB / month. HostGator supposedly cut him off without notification at some point.
  • I heard ReadyHosting shut down a 20 TB / month project
  • random “unmetered” hosting: the challenge is to find the one that’s actually unmetered and doesn’t have hidden throttles or termination policies.

I don’t know much about hosting. Static map tiles are a weird kind of thing to host.

Update: chunkhost offers $66/mo = 3.2TB with a decent Xen slice.