Spot XML data

I got a Spot for Christmas. In addition to emergency use they have a tracking option where it records your position via satellite every 10 minutes, live. The website is awful and they don’t keep your data very long, but the data is there. And they have an API of sorts. Related search: [findmespot completexml]. Some notes:

  • You can get an XML view of a public shared page by going to a URL like The NONCE is the same blob that’s in the glId tag in the public shared page.
  • Data comes in a custom XML format. It’s pretty simple, each message is an XML blob with a latitude, longitude, and timestamp (in some random timezone!). Also some other junk.
  • The data is cached and only updated every 15 minutes. I’ve been told there’s more latency than that.
  • The shared page only shows data for the last 7 days.
  • Spot keeps your data for only 30 days. There’s also a manual download option.
  • Spot has a fancy site for hosting trip diaries at It includes KML and GPX downloads, photos, notes, etc. It looks like a pretty complex and featureful product with very few users.

I haven’t found any sort of hacker community for Spot. There is at least one third party service, though: Spotwalla.

Sort of related: Spot’s new system includes a “Type & Send” feature where you can send arbitrary 41 character messages via the satellite network. They charge $0.10/message in bulk.