Javascript dictionary key types

In Javascript, the dictionary type coerces its keys to Strings:

z = { 3: "three", 4: "four" }
for (var x in z) { console.log(typeof x); }


This sort of makes sense because dictionaries are really just Javscript objects, and objects are typically accessed by strings. Ie: is the same thing as z[“foo”]. Worth noting that z.3 doesn’t work, though. It gets spookier when you use null:

z[null] = "foo"

for (var x in z){ console.log(x, typeof x); }
3 string
4 string
null string

Maybe it wasn’t wise to use integers and null everywhere as keys in my JSON dictionaries. In fact the JSON spec says keys have to be strings, and the Python JSON library was already serializing my keys as strings (with None mapped to “null”). Now I know.