NFS notes

I set up some NFS mounts from my Linux (Debian) box to my Mac. Some notes.

Servers: install nfs-kernel-server. Configure it along these lines. NFSv4 seems to want to serve all its fileshares from a single directory, which seems weird, so you do this “mount –bind” thing to collect them on the server. Options on the server are ro,nohide,insecure,no_subtree_check,async

Client: Use MacOS Disk Utility (File / NFS Mounts..) to add static mount points. They seem to mount automatically once you exit the tool, but I’m not sure. I set the following advanced options: ro,intr,soft,nfsvers=4. Here’s some Mac docs.

NFSv4 is the new hotness. You can verify you’re using it with “nfsstat -4 -s” on the server and count the numbers.

These notes are all for a read-only export of world readable data. Next step is to export read-write, which requires synchronizing users. Unless you go some authenticated route (ie: Kerberos) the best bet is to be sure numeric user IDs are the same on the client and the server. On MacOS you can change your uid by right clicking on your name in the Users & Groups preferences pane. I’m guessing you’ll have to manually chown the files afterwards.