Postgres 9.0 to 9.1 upgrade with Mac / Homebrew

I just had a terrible time trying to upgrade PostgreSQL 9.0 to 9.1. I finally gave up and am still running the old one.

pg_upgrade is the recommended upgrade path. It’s pretty ugly, and among other things requires you have the old server binaries around. But it looks like it’d do the job. I had a few minor problems, like I ran “–check” and the check failed but left something around that made Postgres think a server was running. (Fortunately pg_ctl start just ignored that and started a server anyway, then pg_ctl stop fixed it.)

Then I hit a bigger problem: PostGIS I’ve got that installed in my 9.0. I *think* it’s installed in 9.1, too, but I can’t be sure with Homebrew. In any event pg_upgrade doesn’t think it’s there so I’m SOL for now.

An alternative is to do pg_dump on the old server, then pg_restore on the new. I suspect that’s what pg_upgrade does behind the scenes anyway. And I still have to resolve my PostGIS problem.