Sublime Text 2 and Python

I’m working on replacing my existing IDE (WingIDE) with Sublime Text 2. I prefer Sublime as an editor, particularly since WingIDE runs under X11 on MacOS (yuck). Also I don’t use most IDE features of Wing; just a bit of smart completion, unit test integration, pdb integration, .. OK, several things.

Anyway, here’s a list of Sublime Text modifications I’m finding useful for Python. I’ll update this post over time. (As an aside it’s hard to search for plugins for Python developers, because the plugins themselves are written in Python and so you get lots of false matches.)

  • sublimetext_python_checker: one of several linter plugins. I like this one because I can set it up to run PyFlakes in an unobtrusive way.
  • PdbSublimeTextSupport 0.2: a tiny shim to have Sublime show you what line of your source code it currently is in. I’ve never been good with PDB, I immediately miss all the graphical support of a full IDE like Wing. So this may not be enough.

I’ve also set up my own build command to use to run unit tests. It’s not complete, I need to figure out Sublime’s support for showing where errors occurred. But it’s a start.

 "cmd": ["python", "-m", "unittest", "discover", "-p", "*.py"]

Things that look promising that I haven’t tried: