Ubuntu server cron jobs

Here’s all the cron jobs on my relatively vanilla Ubuntu Server setup. I’ve added Apache and a few other minor things to the default install.


  • htcacheclean, for Apache’s mod_cache disk cache
  • apport, cleans up old reports in /var/crash
  • apt, cache management
  • aptitude, making logs of what’s installed
  • dpkg, also making logs of what’s installed
  • popularity-contest, telling Ubuntu what people installed
  • bsdmainutils, managing user’s ~/calendar files
  • logrotate
  • man-db, managing the man page database
  • mlocate, an efficient implementation of good ol’ locate for fast finds
  • ntp, managing ntpstats (which aren’t enabled by default)
  • passwd, making backups of /etc/passwd and friends. (wtf?)
  • standard, the “standard daily maintenance script”. backs up /etc/passwd (again?) and looks for lost+found files. Dumb script, and redundant
Logrotate is configured to back up weekly and keep 4 weeks worth of logs and, surprisingly, not compress old logs. Apache overrides this to keep 52 weeks of logs and to compress them. I’m pleased to see the Ubuntu logrotate has a dateext and dateformat option to name logfiles like “access.log-20120108” rather than “access.log.3” and then renaming that to “access.log.4” the next week. That should be the default behavior but apparently that option isn’t available in older versions of logrotate.