Nelson's log

Configuring lm-sensors for Asus P8Z68-M-Pro

The temperature, fan, and voltage sensors in my fancy new Asus P8Z68-M-Pro motherboard weren’t recognized right out of the box. I fixed it by installing a custom kernel module and then telling the sensors(8) program to ignore some bogus readings.

The motherboard has two sets of sensors. coretemp-isa-0000, from the Intel chip, and nct-6776-isa-0290, from the motherboard. That second chip requires a custom kernel modules which I got from Guenter Roeck: w83627ehf. Easy to build and install, and afterwards sensors(8) shows lots of data.

Some of the data is bogus (see  this github issue), so I fixed it by dropping the following file in /etc/sensors.d:

# Configs by nelson to hide bogus values on my ASUS P8Z68-M PRO motherboard,
# which uses an nct6776-isa-0290 chip.

chip "nct6776-*"
 # These are not configured in sensors3.conf
 ignore in1
 ignore in4
 ignore in5

# Fans I don't have plugged in
 ignore fan1
 ignore fan3
 ignore fan4
 ignore fan5

# ignore CPUTIN and AUXTIN; bogus values
 ignore temp2
 ignore temp3

Those in and temp sensors are returning meaningful data, but they’re not configured correctly in the default /etc/sensors3.conf and I’m too lazy to track down exactly what they might mean. One of those fan sensors probably is for the chassis fan, but mine isn’t plugged in to my motherboard.