New kernel fail

I decided to build a custom Linux kernel on my Ubuntu 10.10 Oneiric box. 3.0.0 feels awfully old, and I’ve been having trouble with a couple of things (well documented here). I was hoping a modern 3.2 kernel from Ubuntu precise would fix both my ethernet driver problem and, by building specifically for a modern Intel CPU, enable sched_mc_power_savings. No such luck.

Building a Linux kernel has gotten remarkably complex. I mostly quit trying myself back in 2.2 or so; once loadable kernel modules got reliable there was little reason for a top end developer like me to muck with the kernel. These Ubuntu-specific instructions got me there, although it’s a long winded and complex thing involving a lot of configuration management.

Then I got it built and installed and rebooted and miracle! It worked. Only with the same old bugs. 10+ seconds to initialize the ethernet, and that power savings sysctl still missing. I gave up and removed my custom kernel. I’ll wait for the Ubuntu release to upgrade.