Nelson's log

Canonical music genres

Still wrangling the metadata on my music library. ReadyToPlay did a good job on the rip and categorized all music into a relatively small set of Genres. I’m taking this as canonical for now.

Avant-Garde • Ballet • Blues • Chamber Music • Choral • Christmas • Comedy\Spoken • Concerto • Country • Electronica • Folk • Jazz • Keyboard • Latin • New Age • Opera • Orchestral • R&B • Rap • Reggae • Rock • Soundtrack • Spoken Word • Symphonic • Vocal Music • World

Well, not entirely canonical; I’ll probably unify a couple of these. Also the classical feels wrong to me: I couldn’t tell you Orchestral from Symphonic. I’d prefer to break it down by Musical era: Early, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern. Of course those are ambiguous too.

One thing that’s really annoying in my metadata; music is indexed by the composer’s first name. So Tchaikovsky is filed under “P”, for “Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky”. It’s a bit of a trivia game.