Adding album art to Thinner’s MP3

The Thinner netlabel included JPG images for all their albums but didn’t embed them in the MP3 files. Consequently iTunes can’t find them. Dealing with id3 is a bit of a black art, the tools and formats are varied and poorly documented. But I think this works and is safe:

eyeD3 –to-v2.3 –add-image thn018.jpg:FRONT_COVER *.mp3

That adds thn018jpg as a front cover to all MP3s in the current directory. The converstion to 2.3 is necessary; eyeD3 can read but not write the 2.2 tags that are in the early Thinner releases. Note that this will add a second image if one already exists. Only safe to run once :-P

Getting clever:

for d in thn*; do
 if [ ! -f "$JPG" ]; then
 echo "$JPG not found, skipping directory"

eyeD3 --to-v2.3 --add-image $JPG:FRONT_COVER $d/*.mp3 > /dev/null

Sad fact: iTunes won’t display GIFs, only JPGs.