OSM unclassified lines, etc

I had a little todo item today, “Edit OpenStreetMap”. Thought it’d be fun to try out the editor. After 10 minutes I declare failure with Potlatch; the Flash app on the main server is so terribly slow as to be unusable. I need to read the Beginner’s Guide and other editing options.

After a bit of patience, Potlatch loaded usefully. I ended up editing the map to put a name on the tiny little Duncan-Castro park. I hope I did this right, the UI for adding a name to a park is not clear. I ended up using the Advanced view to add a name=Duncan-Castro field to the list for the way.

My big plan was to edit one of the 6000+ entries in the SF Metro extract that have no “highway” tagged on them. Turns out that’s not necessary; they tend to be other features, like creeks or county boundaries or stuff. D’oh.

I did find one entry for an uncategorized “Center Street” in SF, osm_id 8489931. But there’s so many other overlapping “Center Streets” in the database I think the fact this one is untagged is not a problem.

  ST_Length(ST_Transform(way, 2163))/1609 as miles
from planet_osm_line
  highway is null
order by miles desc;

"Golden Gate National Recreation Area";50.114480677903
"San Francisco";50.1127120036684
"San Mateo County";49.8960294825062
"Alameda County";49.5445744035326
"San Francisco County";49.3158064558191