Walks map looking pretty

I’m liking how my map of walks is turning out. It’s now useful to me in that I can see what streets I’ve walked on and what I haven’t. It’s also sort of pretty. I particularly like how the GPS error gives a random smudge effect to the paths. Transparency for older tracks works nicely. I’ve tried to induce some hue variance just to let the eye pick out individual tracks, but the orange->red scale is a bit lipsticky and seems to demand the question of exactly what hue represents (track length).

2 thoughts on “Walks map looking pretty

  1. Just curious: do you use an iPhone app, or a dedicated GPS to track your walks? If it’s the former, is there a particular one that you’d recommend?

    1. I’m currently using iSmoothRun. It’s clever in that it uses the iPhone as a pedometer to correct errors from the iPhone’s location tracking. I keep my phone in my pocket so it probably never gets a genuine GPS signal but instead relies on WiFi and cell towers. The uncorrected errors in a naive app like Runkeeper are pretty bad. Even with iSmoothRun there’s a lot of error, its tracks are about 15% longer than in reality.

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