OpenPaths passive location tracking

There’s a bunch of passive location trackers out there. Mobile phone clients that watch your location all the time and upload reports of where you are every 15 minutes, hour, whatever. Three I’ve tried are OpenPaths, Google Latitude, and Geoloqi. Of the three I like OpenPaths the best. It’s by Jer Thorp, a very smart information visualization guy. It’s simple and does its thing well and nothing more. And it has the right goals and attitude. Google Latitude is opaque, corporate, and seemingly abandoned; it also has a terrible UI that only lets you get 30 days of data at a time. Geoloqi is nice but the tracker is more of a demo for their very capable platform. So OpenPaths is the one I’ll keep around.


That’s about three months of data, my travels around California. I like how the data shows all the different roads I’ve drive on my trips out of SF, particularly highway 12 across to Lodi. The couple of points east of Concord make me laugh, that’s when I was in Ken’s airplane and forgot to turn off my cell phone.

I’m not sure what I will end up doing with this data, but I intend to keep collecting it.