Moar detail

I love this one screenshot from when I first got nice rendering implemented, showing all sorts of detailed rivers. I’ve backed way off that because it’s so much data, etc. But in filtering so much I’ve lost something.

Mike Bostock did a pure-D3 vector tile renderer, so I bashed up a river renderer. And it’s fast. So I made some screenshots where I don’t filter the data on Strahler number at all; all rivers, all the time!

The server generation time is acceptable once you rely on caching. Data sizes are pretty bad though, 27 megs a tile :-P

 7/25/49:   1684 ms    640 kb   1928 features
 6/13/23:   6243 ms   2308 kb   5405 features
  5/6/11:  21221 ms   8841 kb  24139 features
  5/7/12:  37041 ms  15146 kb  42131 features
   4/3/6:  64572 ms  26870 kb  75744 features