Battlefield 4 dogtag notes

I’m sort of obssessed with the FPS game Battlefield 4, particularly all the online stats tracking. Here’s my profile. One of the things buried in there is a list of dog tags I’ve taken from other soldiers by cutting their throats with my knife (a totally awesome and challenging feat.) Naturally the webapp uses a JSON file for delivering the list of dogtags to the user, here’s a bit of what’s in it:

data/seenDogTags: tags I’ve taken. basic is for left tags, advanced is for right tags. Example right tag I’ve taken:

"235": {
  "index": 235,
  "isAdvanced": false,
  "name": "THE SACHAL",
  "timestamp": 1385955351,
  "counter": 7,
  "statValue": null,
  "clanTag": "WDD"

I believe this means I’ve taken left dogtag #235 a total of 7 times. My last victim was THE SACHAL of clan WDD at the given timestamp. I haven’t found the mapping of indices to tag names but that shouldn’t be too hard. I think left #235 is probably the USA flag dogtag. It’d be a fun little project to draw a map of all the tags you’ve taken, although I have no idea how many people really set their countries. I have mine set to Ascension Island just to be perverse.

The JSON file also has some other stuff in it. data/unlockedDogTagsIndices seems to be the list of tags I can equip. data/basic and data/advanced look like what I have equipped now. And data/seenDogTagsIndices is just a list of tags I’ve taken, a simplified form of what’s in data/seenDogTags.

I love how modern webapps that use JSON data are so easily scrapable.

bf4stats is a third party site that shows my dogtags as a list.