Sochi ski area maps

This Wired piece on Sochi maps notes that OpenStreetMap has way more map detail for the Olympic ski area than Google maps. It’s not entirely a surprise; Google’s coverage in Russia isn’t great, they’re not really into mapping ski lifts and trails, etc. Still, it’s a big world event, you’d think Google would have put some more effort into getting good data. Anyway, I did a map comparison from more sources than the Wired article. Nothing comes near OSM, but the Yandex maps aren’t bad. I did my best to make maps at the same scale centered on 43.6639, 40.3058.

Images in the gallery on this post. Some of why OSM looks so impressive is they just map a whole lot more kinds of features than other maps. That’s a mixed blessing. From worst to best, Bing and Apple have noticeably worse river and road data and are missing the railroad entirely; must be older data. Google’s maps won’t get you lost, Yandex has more local info still, and then the OSM maps have a generous amount of extra info.

Update: the OSM data in Sochi is years old, contributed by many mappers. Not just an Olympics one-off.