QGIS install on Mac

It takes roughly 60 UI actions to install QGIS on a Mac. And then you only get QGIS 2.0, not the latest 2.2. The problem is the official install is KyngChaos’ packages. They’ve done a great job over the years packaging Python and GIS software for Macs, but it’s seriously old school stuff. 4 different framework libraries have to be installed first by hand, each one individually packaged in a PKG installer script inside a DMG, then you install QGIS itself. Each installer takes many mouse clicks to install and also requires the root password.

In some sense KyngChaos is doing this right; the libraries he installs are useful for other projects, and this way you see all the license and components. But it’s really user unfriendly. It’d be nice if someone built a single self-contained QGIS.app that could just be dragged and run anywhere.

2 thoughts on “QGIS install on Mac

  1. Why use individual installers when there are package managers for OS X that will do the job for you? I don’t have any experience with QGIS, but it appears you should be able to install 2.2.0 and all of its dependents with one MacPorts command (after installing the base MacPorts):

    port install qgis # with whatever available MacPorts variants you prefer


  2. Thanks for the MacPorts link; I’ve never used it. Back when I first got my Mac everyone said MacPorts was too complicated and Homebrew was the way to go. But Homebrew has a lot of problems. And no recent QGIS, so this is interesting.

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