Interactive data exploration

I’m exploring a multivariate data set. Battlefield 4 data, to be exact, I have a dataset for thousands of players with such statistics as “time played”, “kill/death ratio”, “win/loss ratio”, etc. Fun stuff. Now I’m exploring it looking for intresting patterns, clusters, etc. And doing it by hand-writing Javascript code with D3.

I wish there were a solid consensus tool for exploring datasets and showing graphics. Excel and R seem to be the two most popular. But Excel is too primitive and R is too much like programming already.


2 thoughts on “Interactive data exploration

  1. Seth pointed me at ggobi that does this kind of thing. It’s interesting and has some nice tools, although it’s hard to find love for learning new X Windows programs right now. I ended up writing my own version of the XY Plot tool in GGobi for Javascript and will keep using that for now.

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