Homebrew observations

You can’t move a Homebrew binary directory. I installed Homebrew in /usr/homebrew2 and then renamed that to /usr/homebrew and a bunch of stuff broke because it had the path /usr/homebrew2 baked into it. bash-completion, also python.

Many Homebrew packages don’t compile cleanly. I ran into three: mg, unison, and ggobi. I filed bugs and got prompt responses (and a patch for ggobi in 12 minutes!), which is pretty great. OTOH it feels to me like Homebrew doesn’t have any sort of automated build-and-test setup for packages, these were all really simple bugs that anyone installing the code would hit. Some basic integration testing would go a long way.

I’m very grateful to Homebrew but the whole project feels pretty ad hoc and brittle to me. No surprise since it started out being such a simple thing. And simple is good! But I think at this point it’s evolved into needing to be a serious package manager, but hasn’t yet evolved all the serious package management. I wish we’d just use dpkg on MacOS instead. Fink is exactly that, but my experiences with it have been bad.

Starting anew with a clean homebrew install. Note I’ve already set PATH and BREW to use /usr/homebrew, the non-standard location

sudo mkdir /usr/homebrew
sudo chown nelson /usr/homebrew
cd /usr/homebrew

git clone https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew.git
mv homebrew/* homebrew/.git* .
rmdir homebrew

brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew installĀ atk autoconf automake bash-completion cairo clens cloog faac ffmpeg fontconfig freetype freexl gdal gdbm gdk-pixbuf geos gettext gfortran ggobi giflib git glib gmp gobject-introspection gpp graphicsmagick grc gtk+ harfbuzz icu4c iftop isl jpeg jq json-c lame less libffi libgeotiff liblwgeom libmpc libpng libspatialite libtiff libtool libxml2 lzlib makedepend mp4v2 mpfr nmap node objective-caml openssl optipng ossp-uuid p7zip pango pgdbf pixman pkg-config postgis postgresql proj pv python readline rsync sqlite texi2html unrar wget x264 xvid xz yasm

brew install mg
brew install unison