chosen, for Javascript selection

Chosen is neat; it’s a Javascript library that replaces the usual browser form select dropdown with a much more capable version. Check the demo. The only drawback is it requires jQuery or Prototype.

But not anymore! There’s a version that works natively; here’s a pull request for it based on this fork. I’ve built it and it seems to work. 30k JS + 10k CSS after minification. The jQuery version is only 26k JS, but then you also need 80k of jQuery to run it. So big win.

I had a heck of a time building this. Not because it’s complicated, it’s just a few files. But “native” in this case actually means “Coffeescript and Sass with a Grunt build and btw that implies a Ruby dependency”. Bah, kids these days. Here’s a copy of my build, the “public” directory, which contains the minified Javascript, CSS, and a demo that seems to work. I might have built this wrong so better to get it from official sources.