Why does Apple hate Unix?

I upgraded an iMac to Mavericks, just so I could share binaries with the other Mac I have. Now I’m undoing the damage the upgrade did.

I have to download and reinstall the compiler. With the mysterious “xcode-select –install”. Because according to Apple, Unix computers don’t come with compilers. And if you have one they go in and delete it on upgrade. At least there’s a standalone command line compiler now, it’s better than having to get the whole Xcode IDE bloat.

I have to download and reinstall the X server. I don’t begrudge Apple not shipping X11 by default, it’s pretty awful and dated. But I have a fully working XQuartz on my system. Why delete it when I upgrade?

I’m starting to flirt with the idea of giving up on MacOS on my desktop. It’s bad at games, and it’s bad at Unix development. It is good at ordinary consumer use though, web browsers. I kind of wish I had a way to run Windows for games, ChromeOS for web browsing, and Linux for development. All on one machine with transparent interaction.