Reconsidering Node

Having done a bit of work deploying a Node server I may not use it afterall. Things I don’t like:

  1. Lack of standard production scripts
  2. Lack of blanket error handling for servers; exceptions kill servers
  3. Difficulty preventing memory leaks in servers. Closures capture memory in complex ways and V8 isn’t always able to GC it.

These are all solvable problems, but I’m not sure I want or need to solve them for my very simple server. The main advantage I get from Node is that I can share some Javascript parsing code between the browser and the server. But I’m not sure I really need that.

Truthfully I don’t need much if any custom server code at all. Just a bucket to post data to and be able to retrieve it again. I wonder if I can do that entirely with client-side Javascript and some basic S3 API.