Steam (MacOS sucks)

The Steam client on MacOS has always been terrible. I mean it’s badly designed as a product, but then also the implementation is terrible. Basically it’s 90% just showing a web page, but that’s always been slow and cranky and broken.

But today takes the cake. Because running Steam has brought my whole system to its knees. Beachball cursors, 10 second delay switching apps, 20 second delay to launch Total trash. And as bad as Steam is, the real blame falls on MacOS for freezing because one app is badly behaved. I don’t see anything obviously wrong running top or activity monitor. Is the graphical shell single threaded or something? Steam wasn’t even doing much, just sitting there showing me a web page and downloading an update in the background.

To be fair, I think part of the problem was memory. When I killed Steam and relaunched it a bunch of memory freed up and things are better. So maybe that’s a Steam bug afterall. No Unix kernel schedules memory contention well.