WebGL vs Shutdown (MacOS sucks)

I went to a WebGL test page that warned it might crash your machine by drawing lots of polygons. Boy it wasn’t kidding. Locked up Chrome, locked up the Mac graphical shell. I could log in via ssh and the machine was fine, not even anything spinning CPU, but couldn’t kill the Chrome processes. kill -9 did nothing. So then I rebooted. It didn’t reboot either, the best MacOS could do was to shut down sshd so I couldn’t even log into my machine.

It’s pretty awful that some Javascript can kill all of MacOS. Chrome should know better. V8 should know better. WebGL should know better. OpenGL should know better. The Mac graphical shell should know better. The Mac kernel really should know better, because you really can’t count on anything else to. All fail.

4 thoughts on “WebGL vs Shutdown (MacOS sucks)

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