MacOS file sharing and CPU usage

Why does MacOS file sharing take so much CPU? I’m rsyncing 30GB of files from one Mac to another. Using MacOS file sharing, 10.9.4 server and 10.9.2 client. The client is a MacBook Air and the fan is whirring away. Some kernel_task associated with the copy is taking 50% of one CPU; the rsync processes are taking another 13%. It’s not awful, but that’s a shitton of CPU for doing something that should be low impact. The iMac server is using 15% of a CPU to serve the files too.

2 thoughts on “MacOS file sharing and CPU usage

    1. That’s a good guess but I don’t think that’s what it is. I think that work shows up as an mdsworker process. Also my 30GB was just 24 video files; hopefully Spotlight isn’t stupid enough to choke continually indexing a single growing file. You never know though.

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