VPN server notes

I need a VPN server for when I’m travelling. I used to use sonic.net’s great service, but now that I switched ISPs I need my own mostly to get IP tunnelling to circumvent stupid hotel networks. Options:

  • Cloak. Their service works well, particularly the iOS client. It’s cheap ($10/mo for unlimited bandwidth). The drawback is that a lot of their VPN server endpoints are on IP blacklists for websites, which is just terrible.
  • Tomato firmware. Run this at home and use my cable modem service as a VPN. Not ideal, but Tomato has a built-in service that looks easy to configure.
  • PPTPD, as documented here. Apparently pretty easy but a bit kludgey, not clear how secure it is.
  • OpenVPN, maybe as automated here. I think this is the more serious option but I’m warned it’s hard to get working right.

The VPN server and client world is terribly confusing and usability is awful. I’m hoping I can just skate through with Cloak for my light usage.