SF bandwidth usage before and after

in mid-July I switched ISPs, from sonic.net DSL with 6/1 Mbps speeds to astound.net cable with 100/5 Mbps. Best thing ever, 100 Mbps is like seeing through time. It is sometimes faster for me to download something over the Internet than to get it off my LAN, which is just ridiculous.

Getting a higher speed doesn’t seem to have changed my usage. I average about 150GB a month both before and after. Here’s a table of usage for the past few months

Date Download Upload Total
2014-09 133.03 GB 7.13 GB 140.17 GB
2014-08 102.84 GB 5.22 GB 108.06 GB
2014-07 102.81 GB 8.29 GB 111.11 GB
2014-06 144.46 GB 11.42 GB 155.88 GB
2014-05 136.55 GB 11.61 GB 148.15 GB

Compare to bandwidth usage in Grass Valley, with a 1/0.1 Mbps link, where I average 15 GB a month. The big difference between the two houses is totally behavioral. I deliberately only download video, stream video, update Steam and iOS and stuff in San Francisco with the fast link.