Logs of Lag summary stats

My Logs of Lag tool now has collected some 25,000+ logfiles. It’s a heavily biased sample: people mostly bring logs to my site if they have network trouble, but some stats nonetheless. Numbers are the average of each stat, with SD in parentheses

  • Best ping: 85ms (153)
  • Median ping: 97ms (389)
  • Packets lost / minute: 8 (120)
  • Game length: 28 minutes (13 minutes)

Would be nice to publish something from this data. I sure wish I had a way to get a representative sample. I wonder if I can convince some group of players to just upload their logs, whether they have problems or no. Would still be biased but maybe useful.

Here’s the kludgey script I use to generate a CSV file of all the results, which I can then feed to my 20 year old C program that calculates averages and standard deviations. Very quick and dirty, I should tackle a project of handling user data as more than flat JSON files.

for f in *; do
  ~/lol-netlog/logToJson.js < $f | 
  jq '"\(.matchLength),\(.packetsLost),\(.packetsLost/.matchLength),\(.medianPing),\(.bestPing)"'
; done > /tmp/logs.csv

One thought on “Logs of Lag summary stats

  1. yay! any analysis is good analysis…at least in spirit, if not always in practice. and both your heart and math here are clearly in the right place. :P

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