Notes on setting up a new Ubuntu 14.04 box

I’ve now recovered from my server hardware failure on Saturday. I can’t say enough good things about my remote rsnapshot setup. I’d kind of forgotten that backup even was running and it totally saved my ass. The hard drive had failed, the system wouldn’t reboot, would have been a nightmare getting it back. And while I don’t have any essential data on the remote server I do have a bunch of logsoflag logs I’d hate to have lost. Not to mention the server setup at all.

I ordered a new machine and set up Ubuntu 14.04 on it. I have no automation for building these servers, the overhead is hard. Couldn’t even easily import crap over from my backup of the Ubuntu 12.04 box, too much has changed like the shift to Apache 2.4.

Here’s a dump of the journal I kept as I set up the new server, the steps I took. Nowhere near complete.

Change root password and reboot
Set hostname, reboot
Edit /etc/network/interfaces to use Google DNS. “ifdown p2p1; ifup p2p1” and hold breath.
Edit /etc/default/rcS to set FSCKFIX=yes
Partition the extra disk, make file system, add to fstab
Create user nelson, add nelson to sudoers, also to group sudo.
Restore /home files from backup, put /home/nelson in order

Install unattended-upgrades
Install mg git gcc make munin nmap rtorrent screen mtr traceroute zip unzip curl optipng graphicsmagick gawk libimage-size-perl ntp
Install munin munin-node sensors
Install postfix bsd-mailx

Set up remote rsnapshot

Install apache2
enable a lot of mods
reconfigure deflate to not be stupid
apache2 2.4 auth changes
set up backups

Set up web sites

Restore /var/www/* from backups
Reinstall sites in /etc/sites-available/* and enable

Restore user contrabs from /var/spool/cron

Some notes from old setups: