Did MacOS 10.9.5 break SMB again?

I had Samba working more or less right between a Linux server and a Mac client. But recently all the files are showing up as permission 700 on the mac client, creating symlinks makes bogus files on the server, etc.

Unfortunately I don’t know what broke it. I upgraded Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 and kept my old smb.conf file. I also updated to MacOS 10.9.5. Either could have broken it.

On the Linux box, I started with a clean fresh default config file from 14.04 and just added some minimal stuff for myself. The old config file had some cruft like “map archive” that may or may not have been good. I mean, it used to work, but who knows. Anyway the new config file looks correct, but with Samba you can never be sure.

On the Mac, 10.9.5 includes an ominous patch note “improves the reliability of accessing files located on an SMB server.” Given how badly Apple has broken their Samba client in the past, I don’t trust any changes.

My work around now is to mount the fileshare as “cifs://ub/” on the Mac instead of “smb://ub/”. Apparently this forces MacOS to use an earlier protocol and implementation that’s not as broken in Mavericks.