Just un-opensourced something

I’m a big fan of open source and have been for at least 24 years. Today is the first time I ever un-open-sourced something. Logs of Lag, my League of Legends analysis tool.

It wasn’t a good candidate for open source. It’s a free web service I run, not software people install locally. And I don’t expect any useful contributions from drive-by programmers. Also I’m a little worried someone could take all my code and legally clone the site entirely, maybe in Chinese or Korean. That’d make me sad; I’d rather be the one running that service. Why give away my work without any expectation of getting something in return?

I did get a little help once, another LoL developer named Masch helped me figure out a scroll overflow problem. Then again he could have done that just viewing the page source. I’m happy sharing how the thing works with people if they can learn from it, but don’t see any need to give a blanket license to use all the code to set up a competing service.

There’s some reusable / shareable library code in the middle of my thing, the actual netlog parser, I’d be glad to make that open source if anyone asks.