running tcpcrypt on Ubuntu

Excited by the new TCPINC effort, I went to build and install tcpcrypt, a sample implementation of a proposal. The GitHub project has recent activity and the code mostly builds.

I had to install these packages to get it to build:
autoconf libssl-dev libcap-dev libnetfilter-queue-dev.

It runs, too, and installs OK. Funky way it works using iptables to redirect traffic. The tcpcryptd self tests to worked, but using curl to load the check page at didn’t. Turns out the problem was curl doesn’t follow redirects and that’s the only way you know the test works, “curl -L” or “wget” works. I ended up setting up an SSH tunnel to test from my Mac and was able to get to work correctly and register as #809 on the Hall of Fame.

I’m curious if anyone plans to use this code as the basis for a real implementation. If so would be worth my time to make the build process easier. Also maybe remove some of the swear words from the code :-P