Bandwidth usage of LoL games over time

I had a theory that packet loss often gets worse after about 20 minutes of a League of Legends game, because people tend to group up and there’s more team fights. As a quickie-test of that theory, here’s a graph of the average characteristics of thousands of LoL netlogs for games that last 30-60 minutes.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.32.19 PM

Not a lot of trend here. Bandwidth (grey line) does go up over time, but not radically. That could be just as much because cooldowns tend to go down as folks gear up as any effect of people grouping up. No useful visible trend in ping or lost packets, but that may be because the analysis is not good enough.

Lots of errors in this. The regular drops every minute are probably an aliasing problem having to do with the way the logs sample every 10 seconds.. usually. The population of netlogs is a mix of various game types, although by limiting it to 30+ minute games it’s mostly the main Summoners Rift games. (ARAM would significantly distort my hypothesis.)

Averages are a terrible way to calculate aggregate stats about packet loss and ping. But I don’t think they’d hide a trend of average ping or packet loss going up as a game progresses, I’d expect to still see it. Maybe not with the packet loss; the aggregate loss is so low perhaps it’s just not visible.