Companies selling “make your network better” products

Some interesting companies I ran across, all selling products to make home internet better. I can’t tell if any of these really work or not, just an interesting market category.

Netduma is going to sell a router optimized for gamers. Very little info on the website but so far it seems like better firmware, along the lines of what you get if you know how to make Tomato or DD-WRT work. Ie, “Anti-Flood” sounds like QoS scheduling. This product seems smart, in that it’s very hard right now to buy a good consumer router with good firmware. And they could get deeper into tweaking TCP/IP (like messing with windows, Nagling, etc), but even just doing decent QoS and buffering is a big help.

Speedify is a service that offers channel bonding for higher throughput by using multiple links. It sounds a little like a VPN, their client sends your traffic through to their “speed servers“. I’m skeptical this will really work in practice, but it’s interesting.

WTFast promises faster gaming, “cut your latency in half or better!”. The site is very marketing heavy and sounds like snakeoil to me, but maybe it could work. They have a “Gamer Private Network” which they claim is faster than the public Internet. There’s a $250k Kickstarter for router hardware, selling a 300MBps wireless router for the very good price of $50. They have a working software client and these Redditors report it helps them. I suppose a VPN service optimized for gamers makes some sense.