MacOS: sshfs and FUSE

When I first started using Macs the situation with FUSE, the user-space filesystem shim, was a mess. But it’s stabilized now and it appears OSXFUSE is the winner. Their binary packages for OSXFUSE and sshfs work just great. Here’s some very n00b friendly instructions.

sshfs -C ub:/home/nelson /Volumes/ub

I’m not sure if it’s possible to automount. sshfs needs my ssh credentials which aren’t available at login. probably not worth the hassle.

Unfortunately git prompt does not work well with sshfs; if you’re in a git-controlled directory it tries to do a whole bunch of file stats over sshfs, which is slow even though sshfs has some caching.


Even better, I use liquidprompt which lets you disable git in certain paths via LP_DISABLED_VCS_PATH, for just this reason.

The other drawback with sshfs is Finder is very slow. MacOS seems to do a lot of work on every single file, even when all it ends up displaying is the filename.