More Logs of Lag aggregate stats

Following on my analysis of the average LoL game, here’s some scatterplots and histograms of various statistics for games. Specifically, for each game I’m looking at match length (0-3600 seconds is typical), best ping (10-150ms is typical), median ping (10-150ms is typical), and packets lost / minute (0-1 is typical, but long tail).

huge caveat for this data: this is not a valid statistical sample of all LoL players. This is a random sample of Logs of Lags users, almost certainly biased towards people with network problems. I don’t intend to publish this data widely because it’s not a fair sample.

Honestly, the scatter plot is not the best treatment here; too many dots, not enough correlation. The histograms at top and right examining single variables are probably more interesting. Some notes:

  • Median ping and best ping are pretty tightly correlated. No big surprise there; they are nearly identical on a connection with low jitter and no packet loss. Not sure about the diagonal lines above the x=y line, maybe an artifact of how the game synthesizes a fake ping number in the presence of packet loss?
  • People’s pings are an interesting bimodal distribution, roughly peaking at 50ms and 110ms. I can’t account for the relative unpopularity of 80ms. Well if this were all North American data I’d say it was west coast vs. east coast, but I get a fair amount of European uploads too.
  • Packet loss / minute has a lovely long tail distribution. FWIW, I call anything over 5 a “bad link”; that’s ~30% of my logs, perhaps I should move that number up.
  • I was hoping to see evidence of correlation between packet loss and best ping, on the theory longer connections would be worse. I don’t see any evidence of that in the picture, it’s just a mess of dots. Need a better analysis tool. Same problem with packet loss vs. match length
  • Similarly, I can’t draw any conclusion from median ping vs. match length. That previous graph I did suggests the average ping for players does not go up during the game.