Vector rivers back online

I brought my vector rivers map back online. It was a casualty of my server meltdown a few months ago, and I thought that no one really used it and it requires 3 daemons to work and it was a pain so why bother? I put a note saying “email me if you miss it” and every couple of weeks someone wrote, so I felt bad and finally fixed it today.

Code rots. Fortunately this didn’t rot too badly. All told took 5 changes (see Dec 2 2014 a7a9424..77debec), 14 lines. And a bunch of stuff to install, although it’s easier now in Ubuntu 14.04 which has newer versions of PostGIS and pgdbf.

It’s funny I never thought of the actual river maps themselves as my product, but rather my nerdy code project. I suspect at most two people have gotten my code working themselves, so that was a failure. But a lot of people like looking at pretty river maps. I should make an effort to make an even prettier one, just for the aesthetics.

Other project is to productonize the thing, specifically startup scripts and logging for Gunicorn. Kind of a PITA, may not bother.