Notes on Australian rivers

Inspired by this map of all Australian streams I’m taking a crack at extending my rivers map to Australia. There’s a great open data site which has what I need, sort of.

I’ve found two different layers that are likely candidates. I think what I want is AHGFMappedStream from SH_Cartography. There’s also a AHGFNetworkStream in SH_Network but it has slightly fewer entries and also has stylized geometries.

Here’s an image zoomed in near Strahan in Tasmania. Brown is the network view, blue is the mapped view.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.04.19 PM


Hierarchy appears to be only “minor” or “major”. “Perennial” is an interesting field.

Unfortunately what I can’t find is the Strahler number of a stream. I need that, both for nicely rendering bigger streams in heavier lines and also to simplify when zoomed out. I think I can figure out calculating it myself (using NextDownId on the table) but it’s a pretty big project. May be easiest to do that on the Network layer; it appears I can join across layers on HydroID.

$ key="HIERARCHY"; ogrinfo -al -sql "select $key from AHGFMappedStream" *.gdb -geom=no | head -100000 | fgrep "$key" | ~/src/
   29682 .8906   HIERARCHY (String) = Minor
    3646 .1094   HIERARCHY (String) = Major
       1 .0000 HIERARCHY: String (0.0)

Here’s the full schema. The site has some PDF docs that are helpful too.

Layer name: AHGFMappedStream
Geometry: Multi Line String
Feature Count: 1927331
Extent: (113.375345, -43.629382) - (153.632074, -9.242297)
Layer SRS WKT:
Geometry Column = Shape
HydroID: Integer (0.0)
AHGFFType: Integer (0.0)
Name: String (0.0)
Hierarchy: String (0.0)
Perennial: String (0.0)
AusHydroID: Integer (0.0)
From_Node: Integer (0.0)
To_Node: Integer (0.0)
NextDownID: Integer (0.0)
Enabled: Integer (0.0)
FlowDir: Integer (0.0)
SrcFCName: String (0.0)
SrcFType: String (0.0)
SrcType: Integer (0.0)
SourceID: Integer (0.0)
FeatRel: DateTime (0.0)
FSource: String (0.0)
AttrRel: DateTime (0.0)
AttrSource: String (0.0)
PlanAcc: Integer (0.0)
Symbol: Integer (0.0)
TextNote: String (0.0)
GeodesLen: Real (0.0)
UpstrGeoLn: Real (0.0)
Shape_Length: Real (0.0)