SRID 900914

Here’s a new one on me; I used ogr2ogr to import the Australian river data into PostGIS and it ended up being labeled with SRID 900914. WTF? According to this discussion that’s what ogr2ogr does if the SRID isn’t already defined in the PostGIS tables. It adds a new entry with the CRS info gleaned from the source file. And since the largest defined SRID in most PostGIS installations is 900913 (the bogus Google entry) why, the next one created will be 900914.

The data is actually in EPSG:4283 which PostGIS already knows about.

While I’m here, this Stack Exchange answer has some useful ogr2ogr flags for big imports. -progress and –config PG_USE_COPY YES. According to the docs COPY may now be the default, but I’m not sure it is. Adding it cut my running time to 20% of without.