Nelson's log

kvm and Ubuntu snappy

I just launched my first Linux virtual machine ever, thanks to Ubuntu Snappy. Ubuntu 14.04 as the host and the stripped-down Snappy as the guest OS. The “locally with kvm” instructions worked fine except I had to add -nographic to the kvm command line to get it to launch headless.

The guest image has 512MB of RAM available, but the host qemu process has 940MB mapped. Wonder what that’s about? Presumably there’s ways to configure the resources availalbe on the guest machine.

I like the idea of Snappy, an Ubuntu distribution specially stripped down for VM guests, Docker, etc. I don’t know the market well enough to know if it’s competitive. I am much more inclined to use a guest OS if it feels like Ubuntu though. Confused about what snappy is doing as a package manager. apt-get is not enabled. dpkg is there and a bunch of stuff is installed, but I think you manage the Ubuntu core OS with snappy.

The guest reboots in about 11 seconds.