NFS: Ubuntu server, MacOS client

I’m finally fed up with Mavericks broken SMB implementation. It’s appalling how bad it is. For awhile I had it working by forcing SMB 1 via cifs:// share naming, but that stopped working. Suddenly SublimeText and TextEdit were creating files with mode 0764, god knows why. MacOS touch was creating 0644 as expected. Anyway, fed up, it’s broken, so I’m going back to NFS. (Apparently Yosemite is shipping a new SMB 3 stack, maybe that’s better? Yosemite is broken in so many other ways though…)

I used NFS 3 years ago and those notes still apply. However, some changes.

Ubuntu server: as simple as can be. The wrinkle is that unless you want to get all fancy with Kerberos or idmapd or something user IDs don’t get mapped. Last time I just changed my numeric IDs on my Mac to match the Linux server. This time I’m trying something new, this cheese in /etc/exports:


I’m abusing NFS anonymous ID mapping to force all requests to look like user ID 30193 and group ID 30193, my personal IDs on my Ubuntu box. It looks wrong on the Mac client, and it’s not appropriate for a multiuser server. But it gets the basic job done.

Mac client: more confusing now. Mavericks removed the graphical NFS configuration tool that I used to use. However the default automounter setup is not so bad. The path /net/ub/home/nelson is magically the NFS share ub:/home/nelson and seems to automount usefully. I think it’s using NFSv3. Haven’t needed to tune any parameters yet.

It wasn’t my primary goal, but as a bonus I get better speed out of NFS. The SMB 1 implementation seemed limited to about 10 megabits / second when writing to the server. NFS is running at the full 100 megabit link speed.