New hard drive

I just bought a 2TB hard drive. I’m running low on disk space; a new 400GB of digitized 8mm video doesn’t help things. Picked up a Western Digital 2TB Black 7200RPM, WD2003FZEX.

My Linux server has two 1TB WD Blue drives in it which have been quite solid. But I’ve since learned Blue is the cheapo option. The Black drives are better and not much more expensive. There’s also Red (fancy firmware for RAID), Green (lower power, 5400RPM), and Purple (streaming video). According to this benchmark I should expect to get about 150 MB/s compared to 120 MB/s for the 1TB drives I have now.

Having seen the IO contention of my OpenAddresses work I’m tempted to try to set up the two 1TB drives in a RAID-0 stripe configuration. But that’s complicated and I’m deeply suspicious of RAID, so probably not. Historically I’ve bought drives in pairs and used rsnapshot to back up from one to the other, I’ve now broken that symmetry. Not sure what to do with the new one yet.

Hmmm, 256GB SSDs are only $120, that’d be a fun toy.

Update: new drive installed fine. With a brand new empty disk I’m getting writes of 189MB/s, which is sure nice. Gets slower on the inside of the disk I imagine. Modern components are relatively easy to plug in, but of course the power cables are all upside down so each one requires a 180° twist.