Nelson's log

Two bugs I filed

One happy side-effect of being so careful working on OpenAddresses is I’ve been finding what look like bugs (or usability difficulties) in other libraries. It’s so easy to just shrug if something doesn’t work and hack around it. I’m trying to dig in and understand failures.

Python issue #23278: multiprocessing maxtasksperchild=1 + logging = task loss. Really nasty, hard to reproduce occasional problem with multiple processes and a task queue losing jobs. Finally pinned it down to a problem using logging from new processes.

Gdal issue #5811: Py3 Unicode problem. Near as I can tell, the Python 3 GDAL bindings simply don’t work with shapefiles that aren’t in UTF-8. I’ve had a hard time narrowing down a small test because the bug is only triggered if OGR doesn’t decide to convert encodings itself and I have no idea when or why it does that.