Nelson's log

OpenVPN in practice

My Tomato OpenVPN has served me well on this trip to India. Mostly using it to dodge the Taj Hotels’ hostile wifi, with random ports not routed and some porn filter that blocks any news site with embedded video as well as innocuous sites like

Running the OpenVPN server on the HTTPS port was definitely the right choice.

It takes too long for Tunnelblick to negotiate a connection to my Tomato router’s OpenVPN server. Like 20+ seconds, often 30. Why isn’t it 1 second?

Setting this up on my home cable modem is a bit silly when I have a nice fast 100Mbit server in a colo. Need to learn to set up OpenVPN on Ubuntu. Now that I’ve done this with the Tomato server that seems easy.

Someone needs to make a privacy-only wrapper for OpenVPN, something just to set up VPN tunnels that route the whole Internet. The whole easy-rsa, cert management, etc process I’m doing now is way too complicated for the simple result I get.