Modern consoles vs bandwidth

I just got a Playstation 4. Sony seems to have dropped any rules related to game update download sizes. Newish games I bought on disc like Shadows of Mordor or Dragon Age: Inquisition require downloading 8GB “game updates” before they’re playable. Sometimes on the first day the game comes out! And multiplayer titles like Destiny are even worse. 16GB to download the game, another 8GB + 16GB of downloads if I recall correctly.

I started setting up this PS4 and 4 hours later, it’s downloaded 80GB. That’s to install 2 games I bought on disc, 3 games from download, and 2 downloaded demos. I’m just grateful I had the foresight to set this up before hauling the console up to Grass Valley and the 1Mbps Internet there. An 8GB download will take literally 24 hours to download there. Also I have a 30GB cap, so let’s hope updates aren’t frequent.