Logging out of Google

Logging out of Google is a funny process; you get redirected to a bunch of sites one at a time, presumably clearing cookies in different domains. youtube.com, blogger.com, and of course google.com. Here’s the URL for google.com, broken down by CGI parameters


I find that chain of ils parameters interesting. It’s an odd set of properties, including some like Orkut for which I have no account. I wonder if it’s a list of Google services that maintain their own authentication tokens?

I’m having a problem where all Google services are super-slow for me, randomly. Not just Gmail but also even a Google search. Doesn’t happen in incognito mode. My theory was it was related to being logged-in, but logged out didn’t fix it. Being in an incognito window does fix it. Hrm. (Update: logging out does seem to have fixed it afterall, and now that I’m logged in again I’m fine. Perhaps my Google session got stuck on a broken server?)