Nelson's log

Simple Javascript time series charts

I want to draw a time series graph in Javascript. This is one of the simplest kinds of regular data visualizations and all of the libraries I find to do it suck. I looked at this a year ago, is anything better now?

What I want is a library that will automatically assign axes and draw correct time series graphs. The time intervals are not regular. Also sometimes data is missing. Not zero, null. Remarkably, very few charting libraries seem to be able to handle these common requirements. Here is some very quick evaluation, I spent ~3 minutes on each library so may have mischaracterized something or overlooked some greatness.

I need to investigate Highcharts. It’s not free software, but is free for non-commercial use.

dygraphs is sort of promising. It actually plots my data correctly but the default style is ugly. Also I’m not wild about canvas. It does a lot of fancy time series stuff out of the box though.