Nelson's log

Cloud database prices

I’m looking at buying a hosted/managed Postgres in a cloud server. Amazon or Heroku.

Amazon RDS has a confusing array of pricing options. The smallest instance (db.t2.micro) is $0.018 / hour, or $13 / month if it’s always on. Data costs $0.115 / GB-month, so a 64GB database would be $7 / mo. Total cost for a smallish database: $20 / month.

Heroku Postgres has a very limited free tier. The hobbyist tier is $9 / month and gives you “10M rows” with who knows what performance. The basic standard tier starts at $50 / month for a 64 GB database. Hard to say for sure, but I think that’s roughly comparable to our $20 / month database on Amazon.

Of course what really matters for a service like this is price scaling, how easily you can add more performance and what you pay for it. I’m not worried about that for my small project, just good to have some ballpark numbers.